Battlefield Spawning – Strategy or Annoyance?

Playing team based Battlefield is the only way to play the game.  If you enjoy running around with your Rambo knife out slaying your enemy then this article is probably not going to touch a nerve for you.  On the other hand, if you like proper tactics and communication to be employed when playing then keep reading as some of those emotions might just come out shortly.


Spawning seems to be the next big annoyance among gamers.  Probing the internet you can find a great deal of gamers that just don’t like it.  Especially when it comes to how Battlefield is set up.  Battlefield gives a team the ability to spawn on each other when in battle.  Some find it a welcome addition especially after running from the start of the map for 5 minutes just attempting to get to the battle.  Pushing the wrong button during spawning, never works well.  I digress, but you get the point.    Here are two of the best arguments I could find on the subject of spawning in Battlefield:

“Spawning on a squad mate is unrealistic.”

This is an interesting dilemma as I am not sure if everyone knows but this is a video game.  The closer developers get to reality the less people purchase or even like their product.  The farthest from reality is Call of Duty and gamers seem to love the series.  I am positive that the developers did not expect someone to eject from a jet shoot down a helicopter and then get back into the jet.  Talking about unrealistic!  Too bad it was an amazing move.

“Spawning on squad mates causes spawn camping.”

This is actually a new one for me.  Looking back to the original Battlefields this has always kind of occurred, when speaking of camping.  The difference now is that as long as one of your teammates stay alive you can just keep spawning on the same location over and over again.  It seems like a viable strategy and if you want it to end then simply rush the location and double tap everyone as you run through them.  I often find those that don’t like camping do not play the game with a team.  A quote comes to mind “For every good defense, there is always a better offense.”   The luxury of Battlefield is the size of the maps.  It is not an easy task to camp with your team and if you are doing it successfully, we need to shake your hand.  Nothing a good aircraft drive by won’t fix.


We all have our feelings on what spawning brings to the Battlefield series.  Taking a side is what we want from you in the comment section of the article.

What are your thoughts on Spawning inside of Battlefield? 

Is it a great strategy that is employed or simply an annoyance you wish would go away with the release of Battlefield 4?

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